How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook

How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook

It’s easy to keep your Google and Outlook calendars synchronized and displayed in one place, but only if you know how. We explain how to synchronize both and see all your events on both calendars.

This is an ancient problem – well, in terms of technology. You have one or more Microsoft Outlook calendars and also one or more Google calendars that you need to synchronize so that you don’t duplicate meetings and don’t miss them.

It used to be relatively simple to do this, but official tools from Microsoft were stopped and removed years ago. Today there are various applications, services and solutions that can make things happen, and what is right for you will depend on what you need to happen and how much you want to spend.

Can I synchronize Google and Outlook calendars?

First ask yourself if you really need to synchronize Google and Outlook calendars. You might think so, but there are alternative approaches that can solve your problem.

For example, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you should be able to add multiple accounts and therefore many calendars.

This approach usually means that Google and Outlook calendars appear together in the same application. This is not synchronized, but it means you can see two or more calendars in the same application and view.

If you are using a PC or laptop with the Outlook application on Windows, it might be time to check and move to the online version,, which supports many calendars.

There are several other advantages to using an online email / calendar service: You can log in from any computer with an internet connection, and you have no synchronization problems because everything is stored online.

Be careful about the weaknesses of this approach. The main thing is that, in a business environment anyone who checks to see if you are available at a certain time will not see all your calendars: I will only see, say, Microsoft or Google that you use for work. That’s where the right synchronization becomes important.

Apps & services for synchronizing Outlook and Google Calendar

If you don’t want to use one of our solutions below, you can use an application or service that really synchronizes Google and Outlook calendars. Here are some of them that you might want to try, some of which are free, but may have proven limitations as deal breakers. However, because it’s free, you can at least try it to see if it’s good enough.

SyncGene can synchronize contacts, calendar and tasks automatically on iPhone, Android, Outlook, Gmail, and applications. There is a free version that is limited to two data sources and does not offer automatic synchronization, but a paid subscription works at $ 4.95 per month. If you subscribe, remember that there is a 14 day refund policy, so make sure you are happy before time runs out.

CalendarBridge is a new online service that not only can synchronize up to 10 of your Microsoft and Google calendars, but also offers several very useful options. One of them is you can choose to only synchronize your busy or free time, which you can make sure private events are not synchronized to your work calendar. You can also choose not to display information about events that are synchronized from another calendar, so they will only show busy times. The service does not view or save your Google or Microsoft logins and works directly on the email server, so that your synchronized calendar can be viewed and available on any of your devices. It costs $ 4 per month, but this is a 50% discount from the usual $ 8 per month per user. Luckily there is a seven day trial that doesn’t ask for credit card details.


Sync2 (pictured below) synchronizes Outlook with Google Calendar and earns more than $ 59.95 per year (discounts available). It can synchronize on a schedule or whenever changes in Outlook are detected.


OggSync does similar work and is now on version 10, and costs $ 29.95 per year per user.

gSyncit v5 is a $ 19.99 Outlook add-in that allows one and two-way synchronization between Outlook and Google calendar and is highly recommended by those who use it.

But another option is Gmail Scandal Outlook4 which synchronizes your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar. It can also synchronize contacts and a single license fee of $ 28.98.
Free application for synchronizing Google and Outlook calendars

Calendar synchronization seems to be the perfect replacement for the old Google synchronization tool for Outlook users. This is a free application that is very easy to use and does what you want. However, please note that the free version will only synchronize events within 30 days of the synchronization date, so if you need to synchronize repeating events, you need Calendar Sync Pro which costs $ 9.99.

Some people like Calendar Synchronization, while others say it causes problems.

Another option is Outlook Google Calendar Sync, which is free and regularly updated. It can synchronize events including participants and reminders. It does not have to be installed and functions behind a web proxy. This is certainly worth a try.

Select and use only one calendar

So, there are many solutions if you have to synchronize your calendar. But it needs to be considered if you can manage it but only use one calendar, if possible. We understand that using several email providers is useful, but when it comes to your calendar, why not just choose one and use it?

It simplifies appointments and event scheduling and solve synchronization problems instantly. Google and Microsoft support multiple calendars, such as work and personal, and offer a single calendar or a combined display. (By the way, are you using a mobile device or PC or laptop.)

When adding a new event, you can choose which calendar to add. This is the only complication, because it’s too easy to add events to the wrong calendar. But at least you won’t have problems with synchronization.

If this sounds like a good idea, you might want to export data from one calendar to another instead of manually replicating existing events and appointments. This is how you do it.

How to export a Google calendar

To export events from Google Calendar, you must use the web version on a PC or Mac. Click the drop-down menu next to the relevant calendar in the My Calendars section on the left and select Calendar Settings. Then scroll down and click Export this calendar. It downloads as a zip, so copy the .ics file out.


From the main Google Calendar page, click the three dots to the right of one of your calendars, then click Settings and share.


Now click Import & export near the top of the left hand menu and you will see an option to export all of your calendars as a zip file.

How to import Google Calendar into Outlook

To import Google Calendar into the Outlook Windows application, open File> Open and export> Import and export. Select the option to import the iCalendar (.ics) file.


You might also want to check 11 ways to use Google Calendar like a pro.

Can I export the Outlook calendar?

To export your Outlook calendar (from the Outlook application), open File> Open and export> Import and export. Select Export to file and save to .csv file. To import it into Google Calendar, click the down arrow next to Other calendars and select Import calendar.


Then click the three dots to the right of one of your calendars, followed by Settings and sharing. The import options will appear at the top left. Or, click the + button next to Add colleague’s calendar.


How to import calendars using

If you use the Calendar section, you cannot export, but you can import.

To do that, click Add calendar then select From file on the menu and navigate to your Google Calendar .ics file to import it.


How to see Outlook and Google calendars together


On an Android phone or tablet, install the free Microsoft Outlook application from the Google Play Store. (Unfortunately, you can’t add a Microsoft or Outlook account in the ‘add account’ Android setting. You can try adding an Exchange account, but it doesn’t work with all Microsoft accounts.)

When you first install it on your cell phone, a message appears asking if you want to link it to another account, including Gmail. Select this, and your calendar is synchronized.

iPhone & iPad

The Calendar application on iPhone and iPad can also display the combined Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. Open Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap Add Account.

Use the option to add Google and accounts. Accept the offer to synchronize calendars and that’s it. Events are added to Google Calendar, Calendar or Outlook when synchronized with, automatically appearing in the iOS Calendar application.


Use invitation

One way to make an appointment appear simultaneously in Google and Outlook is to invite yourself by entering your email address when creating a new event. Basically you create a meeting with yourself, so in Google Calendar you will invite yourself by adding an Outlook or email address.

Outlook adds calendar invitations from Google as unconfirmed events. You can leave it like this or click the Accept button in the email to confirm. does not automatically add invitations to the calendar and you must click Accept in the email.


You can manually accept email invitations sent from Outlook / to Google Calendar in Gmail, but there is a better way. Click the gear button in Google Calendar and select Settings. On the General tab is an option to automatically add invitations to your calendar.



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