How to hyperlink to Google Sheets

How to hyperlink to Google Sheets

You see it everywhere – in articles that want to link more info or references, even in MS Word documents. Yes, of course hyperlinks are possible on Google Sheets. This allows you to quickly access web pages and even external folders or files.

Adding hyperlinks on Google Sheets is very easy. However, there are more hyperlinks than they appear. Here’s how to add hyperlinks to Google Sheets and how to make the most of them.

Add a Hyperlink

Do you want to link certain cells in your spreadsheet to an external link or to a file / folder on your computer, the principle remains the same. However, there is more than one way to enter hyperlinks on Google Sheets.

The easiest way, but not always the fastest way, to insert hyperlinks is to select the selected cell, and go to the Insert tab at the top of the menu and select the Insert link option. On the other hand, you can right-click the cell in question and go to Insert link in the drop-down menu. The easiest option here is to use the shortcut Ctrl + K.

Whatever method you use, the same menu will appear, asking you to enter an external link to a website, webpage, or external file / folder. Paste the link in the Link box and select Apply or press Enter.

Now, I will see that the text cell in question has turned blue and there is an underline below it. This means that the text is now connected to a specific online address. To go to the page / file / folder, hover over the cell, and a popup will appear. Click the link in the pop-up, and a new tab will open in your browser, taking you to the destination you are linking to.


Using the HYPERLINK Formula

As an alternative, you can use a formula to add hyperlinks to any cells in your spreadsheet. This is definitely not the easiest, easiest way to do things. However, if you practice adding formula to Google Sheets (which is one of its main benefits), you can use it to add hyperlinks too.

The hyperlink formula is quite simple, “= HYPERLINK ([URL], [cell text].” URL is the exact online address that you want the cell to link to. Cell text is what you want to display as text in the spreadsheet cell. So, if you want, for example, have a cell entry with the text “Search Engines,” and you want the link to Google, this will be your function:

= HYPERLINK (“”, “Search Engines”)


The effect of this formula is exactly the same as when connecting using the shortcut Ctrl + K. However, the standard hyperlink method does not change the formula in Google Sheets, so there you have it.

Other Hyperlinking Sheets

If you operate with multiple sheets in one Google Sheets document (which is most likely), you might want a piece of information leading to another sheet. Yes, this can be done on Google Sheets, using the hyperlink function.

To do this, open the hyperlink window using one of the methods mentioned above (the formula method will not work, because both sheets will be under the same URL). In the Link field, you will see a Sheet option in this spreadsheet. Expand it by clicking on it. Here, you can choose which sheet you want to link in the given cell.

Now, the selected cell text will turn blue and underlined. Hover over it and left-click the sheet link, and you will immediately be taken to a specific sheet in your Google Sheets document. The sheet won’t open in a new tab, but if you want, you can middle-click the link.

Hyperlink to Other Google Sheet Documents

No, there are no special options that allow you to hyperlink to other Google Sheets documents. Actually much simpler than that. When you think about it, every Google Sheets document has its own URL, right? All services are based online, and you can ask others to access Sheets documents, as long as you give them access to them.

Well, this is how you can hyperlink certain Google Sheets cells and bring them to a completely different Google Sheets document. Just use one of the methods mentioned above and enter the URL of the document in question.

Keep in mind, that only users with permission to access documents that point to the link can access them.

Hyperlinking to Various Cells

A very useful hyperlink option is an option where you can set the range of cells to be automatically highlighted when navigating to hyperlinks within cells. This is a useful reference option. This is often used when you want to collaborate on data in cells. For example, say a cell tells how many American athletes take part in a competition. You can link this cell to actually point to the list of names of these athletes in the same spreadsheet. Here’s how to hyperlink to various cells.

Select the specific cell that you want to hyperlink and enter the hyperlink menu as you have done before (do not use formulas). In the pop-up dialog box, you will see the Select a range of cells to link option. Use the usual Google Sheets / MS Excel logic to adjust the range. Press Enter or select Apply. Now, to test this, hover over the hyperlinked cell and select the link. The designated cell range must be highlighted automatically.

Hyperlinking on Google Sheets

Even though hyperlinking is very easy, you can be quite creative with it. There are various ways to add hyperlinks, and there are various types of things that can lead to the link itself. However, it is all based on almost the same philosophy.

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